::Principal's Message.........

Er. Puneet Mahajan



Government Millennium Polytechnic Chamba was established in year 2007. I can happily say that we are running three trades over here, namely – Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Civil Engineering. Each year we take around 160 students in various branches of our Polytechnic.  The breakup of the intake is - Computer Engineering (60), Electronic and Communication Engineering (60) and Civil Engineering (40). The teaching-learning process is the main aim of the Institution. It is here where young innocent minds are groomed, nurtured and given a shape that lasts throughout the end of an individual's life.

The traditional concept of educational institutions, imparting knowledge has changed to the modern concept of institutions being responsible for not only imparting knowledge but also find ways and means for utilization of that knowledge for the overall well being and benefit of the society, the nation and humanity at large.

Hard work is the key of success. So, students have to focus their attention on dreams of future .Toppers are not made in a day. Years of hard work, sharp focus on the goal and a right direction of advancing are the essentials of which the top rank are built. I assure all the students as well as their parents that if you decide to choose to study at Govt. Millennium Polytechnic Chamba, you will be joining an academic institution where the needs of students are understood and their aspirations in academic, cultural, sports will be fulfilled.

I feel that moral values are equally important which need to be imbibed in the future engineers to make them better citizens besides their technical skills who can work competitively, innovatively and offer engineering services on global fronts.


Govt. Millennium Polytechnic